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JVP-Team has officially been shut down.


20.6.2012 Recyclix finished

Finnish version of Recyclix is now out! Our first release! We will work hard in order to get the game globalized as soon as possible.


11.3.2012 Websites are up

After a lot of work we have finally published the JVP-Team websites along with our first game Recyclix! Recyclix is a learning game for young students to learn trash recycling and it will be sold to the trash recycling companies on every city. More information on the game can be found from the games section of the site. In the future we'll be able to update a lot of info on our projects here. Hello world, here we come!


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29.09.2015 - 22:16 New project at hand

11.05.2015 - 11:39 From Doggydog to Wuhwuh to this day

08.04.2013 - 18:24 Updates and stuff